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Second sem subjects

Here are the courses we have for M.Tech first year second sem. I’m very happy about the courses we have, the list goes as follows

1) Optimization techniques and Random processes (4 Credits)

2) Multimedia Systems Development (4 Credits)

3) Web Systems and Technologies (4 Credits)

4) Distributed Computing Systems (3 Credits) (Elective)

5) Data mining (3 Credits) (Elective)

6) Professional practice/ Seminars (2 Credits)

I’m assuming there will be enough room to learn new things as I’ve chosen M.Tech in NITK. I’m very much satisfied with all the resources NITK is providing and other rules and regulations. Needless to say some of the professors here are awesome not only in terms of higher qualifications from internationally reputed institutions but also imparting knowledge. I hope nice journey in the second sem. Thank you for reading.



Here I want to share my experience by being a part of event called “BLUE PRINT”(Paper presentation). The program was very good first of all I’ve to say that the papers were selected with great care, allowing only new creative ideas. The evaluation was made by very efficient and right persons. Many people have presented very well until judges started asking questions, Though the ideas are worthy some don’t aware that their ideas may fail because of several business or financial issues. This kind of events are very good in terms of exchanging ideas and presenting them to eminent professors and enthusiastic young minds. Really the event was very good it provided great platform expressing young minds ideas. Here I’ve to specifically mention that the judges have given their input to the presenters which will provide immense improvement to their ideas. Sometimes its really depressing when judges say the model or the idea may not work but taking the feedback and working on why it doesn’t work will help students because these professors are guiding many graduate and post graduate students for years.