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Aspirations 2020 Infosys Programming contest

Infosys aspirations 2020

Infosys Aspirations 2020

Aspirations 2020 was a wonderful programming contest event, with a great cause of preparing programming enthus to participate in “ACM” programming contest(Considered as Olympics for programming).  The initiative taken by Infosys is very applaud-able.  Dinesh Kumar Chaudari, Venu Gopal Vajjala(vvgrao) and me participated in the State final round. This event boosted our competence levels high. It was so encouraging to be in State final round after three initial rounds(Teaser, Inter college and Zonal rounds). Before to this we have once visited Infosys as a part of “Spark” program. It was great experience of coming in contact with the other programming enthus. On that day, in a beautiful Infosys campus, we were offered a delicious food. The talks from Infosys HR and other higher officials were very inspiring. We bagged two prizes, one cup, valuable certificates and full of enthusiasm from Infosys. Thanks to Infosys for providing such a wonderful platform to showcase students’ programming skills.