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Aparapi + Java + OpenCL

Since I’m working on OpenCL project, I was very curious to know, how to reduce the number of lines of code to be written for any program in OpenCL. While searching for the way to reduce the code I came to know the release of Aparapi.

It is an  API for expressing data parallel workloads in Java and a runtime component capable of converting the Java bytecode of compatible workloads into OpenCL so that it can be executed on a variety of GPU devices.

Some cool features of Aparapi are

* No need of thinking of explicit data transfers between host program and GPU kernel(If required you can do for the improvements purposes)

* No need of querying for the platform, devices

* No need of creating context and managing command queue

* No need of writing code for creating buffers

* No need of setting kernel arguments explicitly

* No need of using enqueNDRange()  and remembering so many parameters to set the globalThreads and localThreads and dimensions

* If GPU is not found still the Aparapi transforms the kernel code to use either JTP(Java Thread Pool) or CPU. Its not required to check explicitly if GPU is present or not and no need of explicitly creating threads to manage data parallelism.

* No need to learn C99 OpenCL C to write Highly data parallel applications

* Fast learning curve

*Aparapi is an open source project

Limitations of Aparapi

How ever Aparapi is having a lot of advantages there are some limiataions

* Cannot support local memory(Huge optimization loss here)

* May not reach the highly optimized openCL C wrapper performance for complex mathematical operations

Notwithstanding, no support for local memory Aparapi is great to use because most of the data parallel applications written in Java can hugely benefit from usage Java based Aparapi.

Aparapi Download link

Aparapi Getting Started

Installation Notes

Note: All the views presented here are just subjective and my personal perceptions. If there any thing wrong or I’m not updated with the future releases please notify me.

Thanks for reading!!

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