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Install OpenCL in Windows7 and configure in Visual Studio

Working with OpenCL is fun and very interesting. Here I want to give quick steps to install OpenCL support to your ATI(or AMD) graphics card.

First download the OpenCL SDK for AMD from here. This link looks like this

Select the apt version and 32/64 bit system. Download to hard disk and install it with the Express option. Once installed on to the hard disk, you can see “AMDAPPROOT” set in the environmental variables (Right click on My computer-> Properties -> Advanced System Settings ->Environmental Variables)

For 64 bit systems ¬†“AMDAPPSDKROOT” shows C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD APP

For 32 bit sysems¬†“AMDAPPSDKROOT” shows C:\Program Files\AMD APP

If you could see the above environmental variable set means SDK has been successfully installed.

Now we will see how to add openCL libraries to Visual Studio C++ projects

Follow the steps shown below.

Set the Additional include libraries to “$(AMDAPPSDKROOT)\include”

Then go to Linker int the properties window

Set the input -> Additional Dependencies under Linker properties to “OpenCL.lib” as shown in the next two figures.

Now you can easily compile and also run the OpenCL programs happily without any linker errors.

Happy coding!!!