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MultiMedia Systems Project Final Evaluation

Here is the multimedia final project ppt An Efficient Video Similarity Search AlgorithmAn Efficient Video Similarity Search Algorithm. I had already shared the abstract of the project and the actual IEEE Transaction paper I had implemented. The following link contains the link for the final Efficient Video Searching Algorithm REPORT.

The presentation went very well. My instructor, HOD, was very happy with the work I’ve done including  modifications I had done to the paper for improving the time.

The results I got from the video database of a considerable size are:

Video similarity search query video

Video similarity search query video

Retrieved videos are

QBE2 output

QBE2 output



  1. June 17, 2011 at 11:25 am

    hi vasanth,

    I read your report and find it very interesting. Being more of a practical coder than a theoreticist, I would love to have a look how you actually implemented this. Please get in touch, if you want to share the source code for evaluatory purposes.

    all the best,

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