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NITK Youth Program, Swamy Vivekananda Jayanthi

Yesterday was swamy Vivekananda’s birthday which is considered as Youth day. It is so because he always preached about the youth, he knows the very fact that India is having the most youth power than any other country has, and the youth is power, the vigor of which can transform anything and everything.

As a part of this auspicious day, Two swamis from Ramakrishna math visited NITK. Both speeches of them were highly inspiring, but one story was really thought provoking. The story goes on like this

One of the friends of Swami lived in Tokyo of Japan for the training. He used to live in the nearest village due to high cost of living of Tokyo. He used to travel by train, One day it was so happened that in his compartment one old lady had come and sat. Suddenly he noticed something strange, The lady pulled out  needle and string and started sewing torn seat. He thought she might be a worker of railway department, so out of curiosity he asked “Haven’t you retired yet?” She replied “10 years back”. He then asked “How many years have you worked in railway department?” She strangely replied “No” I haven’t t worked for the railway department. He then asked, I noticed you sewing the seat I thought you might be an employee of railway department she told once again “No”. He then went on asking “Why have you sewed the seat? Won’t you feel shy?” She replied with a smile on her face. “This train belongs to Japan and I belong to Japan” Swami went on explaining the moral of the story. The story tells about the belongingness of being a part of a country.

It doesn’t require any other reasons for How Japan become developed country with in a very short span.

We all belong to India but we need to question ourselves how far we have felt. We too should have the belongingness of being part of our country which has great culture of being in harmony of different cultures, great wisdom of existing Vedas, great heart of accepting every religion as its own.

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