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Advanced Distributed Databases course Projects

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, we have to complete two projects to complete Advanced Distributed Databases course. I chose Crawler based search engine for the design project. Here is my problem statement. The Design we first thought very easy but later it turned out to be some what difficult to do because I’ve got seven entities and eight relations which include Normalization too. After normalization we went for Fragmentation. Fragmentation includes Horizontal and Vertical fragmentations. For each of the fragmentation I’ve to find allocation site for each relation(9 relations). Vertical fragmentation was done using Bond Energy Algorithm(BEA) and Partition algorithms(these two took most of the time because here each relation attributes also matter), Since we had a way of written program it took less time for doing these two. After the fragmentation, I went for replication then the calculation of the physical parameters such as disk access time, Block transfer time, Block transfer rate etc., I tried to maintain the report very concise and apt at the end I got 25 pages report.

Thank you.

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