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Peter Norvig’s Video conference

Today attended Peter Norvig’s Video conference which was held as a part of “Engineer 2010” Tech fest in SJA auditorium. Peter norvig the Director of Research (formerly Director of Search Quality) at Google Inc. Started his talk with taking the example of image search how the features of an images are extracted and compared to produce a graph like structure. Then he went on to the quote “There is no correct model, but some are useful” He explained this with an example of model of F=ma which might be not totally 100% correct without including minor details but it is very useful in many areas.

He explained about the Picassa and then how to see the world with the text information mode. He explained how sophisticated the problems of search engine with out the power of the Artificial Intelligence. One reason for this is that in English we cannot say something is semantically syntactically correct with whole set of grammatical rules. He explained his own algorithm of AI how to segment the given sentence for example “earthgravitation” earth gravitation. This classification of two words we as humans can do very easily, but how to teach to the lifeless computers? Is it using the sophisticated set of grammar rules of English? No. He used his segmentation algorithm which was trained for 2 million words which has showed enormous increase in the search results fastness with out incurring much costs. He showed some of his “Python code snippets”.

As the data grows more and more the algorithms become better and better”

He has spoken about the translation of one language into other. How it is done. Many of the google algorithms are related to Artificial Intelligence based on Randomized technique method which are very powerful and robust in nature. Genetic Algorithms also comes into this category.

Question and Answers:

1) How often does google update its search databases?

Ans: Hourly now(36 hundred seconds).

2) What are the current trends in Google or Google now is more concentrating now?

Ans: Mobile related

Localization search in order to best suit the maps and nearest shops stores etc.,

Can the personalization of user search used in google for search results?

Ans: Yes, but not fully, it has some weight but more weight will be given to returning the highest page ranked results. The reason for the above argument is that, A person most of the times searches for a query to learn something. He may not try for the same results too often so it is very important to return the results which are having hight page rank rather than giving high weightage to the individual personalization.


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