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File permissions in Windows

Have you ever wondered about setting file permissions in Windows like what “chmod” command does in Linux(any destro)? If yes..Then Windows “CACLS” does the same.

Useful hacks that you can do with this commands are :

1) You can keep your secret documents hidden and inaccessible to others.

2) Many viruses exploit this  wonderful, known to a very few, command to make drives and files inaccessible to all the users of the affected system.

I take no responsibility for any damage to your system. If you are amateur  please don’t play around with the below commands.

Want to learn more the CACLS command then type “CACLS/?” (Without quotes) in command prompt or read here.

Here I’ll show one of the hacks that are possible with this command.

If you want to hide a folder of personal information to be disclosed to anyone you can use the above command in this way.

CACLS “Filename/Folder/Drive” /E /P Everyone:N      (This N tells that no access permission is given to the file)

ex: let us consider that you have a folder named “Games” on Desktop Then

go to command prompt and then goto to Desktop and then apply the below command

CACLS Games /E /P Everyone:N        (Now try to double click on the folder this tells that access is denied)

If you wan to remove the permission to whole drive use the drive name. Thats all you are done

ex: CACLS D: /E /P Everyone:N   (But don’t use this command. Sometimes it may permanently disallow you from opening the drive)

In order to grant the permission on a folder of file use the same command except for “N” use “F”

Which will give full access to the specified file or folder.


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