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Different types of data types

There actually different types of datatypes as the programming languages specify them. Here I’m going to specify four types of them, Almost all predominant languages should have datatypes belonging to the following four kinds of datatypes

1) Statically typed language

2) Dynamically typed language

3) Strongly typed language

4) Weakly typed language

Statically typed language:

In this kind of languages variables should be assigned types at the compile time itself( and fixed at compile time).  All the variables must be used before using them.

ex: Java, C, C++ ect.,

Dynamically typed language

It is exactly opposite to that of statically typed language. The type of the variable is decided at the runtime rather than at compile time.

ex:VBscript, Python

Strongly typed language

These kind of typed language don’t allow you to change the type of a variable once the type is decided(at runtime or at compile time). Once a variable is declared as String in Java during runtime you cannot convert the type of the variable without explicit type conversion.

ex: Python, Java

Weakly typed language

This type of languages are exactly opposite to that of Strongly typed languages, you can change the type of the variable at anytime during the execution of the program.

ex: VBScript

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