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Real world understanding of Cloud Computing

Cloud Companies

The term Cloud Computing is now famous and trending topic all over the world. It is becoming so popular because so much business can be done with the Cloud, already many companies started making money out of it. Here I want to give a brief excerpt from the talk given by Dr. Dinkar sitaram from HP Systems Tech and Software Division as a part of ICIIS @NIT K Surathkal.

The conventional definition of cloud computing is “Cloud computing is an internet based model which allows the computer resources to be provided on-demand basis, like other services (for example electricity)”. Most of the times we are getting the benefits of cloud computing with out being aware of, One such an example is “Google Docs”.

In practical, Cloud Computing use can be described with the following example, Let us assume that there is a cheese manufacturing corporation and there is a bar code scanner for every rack from where the covered cheese is sold and is scanned at the time of selling, same is maintained in the database. In the shop where the cheese is sold they maintain the information in the database who is buying the cheese. If the cheese corporation finds cheese in a particular rack is not good then they can send a message directly to the customer who has bought that cheese, if both the databases, cheese corporation and shop databases, are in the cloud. Still there can be innumerable advantages we can get using the booming cloud concept.

In fact this cloud can be distributed and maintained in any data center all over the world, most of the times the cloud vendors establish the data centers where the resources are cheap like electricity, land cost etc., Users will be given choice of using the datacenters from different places based on the choice but cost may vary.

Some of the cloud vendors include Amazon, Microsoft, HP etc.,

The cloud is not very useful for all the applications. We can benefit for certain applications which require maximum resources in terms of hardware and software, typical example for this is a batch of programs to be run on a high powerful hardware that requires one or two hours of execution time. Applications including data extraction from billions and trillions of bytes of data in the process of Mining and some complex analysis of genes are very beneficial for using vendor related cloud.

There are some issues most of the cloud vendors facing

1)  Privacy

2)  Legal rights

3)  Everything as Service

The most important of all is the privacy, “no one knows the data is safe in the cloud(Customers perspective)”, despite the fact that the vendors giving full assurance. Many feel insecure using the cloud because of Privacy.

  1. karthik @griet
    August 1, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    cool…! really got out look about cloud computing ..
    Bro am very eager to know much about it, mail any link related to this..

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