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Results announced!! What is the result of Jntu???

Today B.Tech 4-2 results were announced. Nothing strange in my percentage 82, yet I found ironic failures of some of my classmates who are always diligent, hardworking, worthy and talented. I felt very bad after I wrote the failed candidate list for my Head of the Department.

I sometimes think Jntu correction totally different. Ever after writing really worthy matter. What really makes them fail one? I had amusing examples One of my friend who got just 0 and 2 in two subjects but after the re-evaluation in those two subjects he got 40 and 38. Are they literally playing with the lives of graduate students? May be yes!!!. I don’t say always all the time the evaluation is bad but sometimes the evaluation and lecturers evaluating may not meet the specifications.

I yell at the facilities provided by the engineering colleges under Jntu( 287 Engg & Tech as of November,2009 source: http://j.mp/jntucol)  because in more than 90% of the colleges, the facilities provided are too worst and deadly scanty such as labs, equipment, teaching aid and faculty etc., The above also may affect the result and making a student un-employable.

Now I want to end this article asking the below questions..

Jntu is giving permissions to new colleges in A.P every year. Is it really helpful for student community?

Many engineering colleges are being run without adequate facilities. Why cannot government and Jntu take action against them?

Is Jntu examination evaluation really good?

Is Jntu syllabus up to date?

  1. ravikiran
    June 18, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    JNTU evaluvation is shockin….u cannot expect ur marks unless u get da results …. .n finally u get the results u will ultimately get stunned to c unexpected marks

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